Logo Design

A strong logo is a strong introduction to potential customers

Your logo represents your business.

Developing your brand is the first step towards successful marketing. Many businesses we talk to have neglected this first step, and therefore aren’t able to maximize their marketing efforts.


While your business’s brand is more than the logo, the right logo can help you establish your brand identity, voice, and values.

What does your current logo say about your business?

If you don’t have a cohesive brand across your digital and print media, consider branding and logo design from Establisher.


According to Forbes, consistent, cohesive branding across both digital and print mediums can increase revenue by up to 23%. In addition, 38% of users will stop interacting with your site if the layout is unattractive.


Don’t lose potential clients by overlooking this foundational part of your business, vital for both online and in person impact. Having a professionally designed, custom logo that reinforces your brand standards will tie all your marketing materials together.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I display my logo?
Your logo represents your brand – it’s how people will recognize your business at a glance. It should be prominent on your website, and featured on all printed materials you produce, from business cards to stationary.
What does my branding and logo design include?
We design a unique logo that represents your business and a style guide that keeps your materials on brand. Establisher logo design includes a custom logo and a branding style guide. Your logo design includes 3 fully-custom options and 2 rounds of revisions.